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Automate Facebook page posts

Schedule your evergreen content to post consistently and automatically.

Your Facebook page is arguably one of the best sources of free traffic. However, many small businesses are missing opportunities to engage customers due to lack of relevant content and inconsistent activity on their page. With the Dispatch scheduler you can post content automatically saving you a lot of time.

Engage your audience

Turn comments into conversations.

Page posts created on Dispatch can be setup as conversation starters. Now, when someone comments on your post you can send a personalized instant reply via Messenger.

Create awareness

Bring your experience to life using a rich conversational interface.

Facebook has over 1.3 billion active users on the Messenger Platform. The Dispatch platform gives you reach into this group by making it simple to put your content in front of your target audience.

Tailored for your needs
Extend your reach

Choose from a variety of entry point options to drive traffic to your Messenger bot.

A Messenger code like this is just one of many options made available to you. Give this one a try - open the Messenger app and scan this one to start chatting with us.


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